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This project consists of an annual partnership between Jobfair Global Search & Associates and various African or African-based multinationals that have the need to recruit young graduates or even African middle and top workers that live in Europe.

Africa Jobfair wants to be the number one event to recruit young Africans that live in Europe or in the rest of the world. Young people that want to go back to and make a difference in their birth country. We hope to offer great job opportunities that will make these young Africans want to go back to the African corporate world. 

During one weekend we will created the perfect environment to conduct interviews, make a selection and hire young specialized workers for your company. 

Jobfair Global Search & Associates will use both Jobfairs (March and October), national and African media as well as a privileged network in Africa to gather CV from potential candidates.

After subscription, your company can have access to a long list of candidates, pre-selected based on research and personal interviews. From this list you can make a shorter one of the candidates you choose to interview in Lisbon, at the African Jobfair, that takes place twice a year and is organized by Jobfair Global Search & Associates.

African Jobfair will take place every year, during three days, at a hotel in Lisbon, in May and November which year. This event is only for our partners and candidates that have been invited by Jobfair Global Search & Associates and chosen for interviews by our clients. 

During three days your company will be able to interview, test and recruit candidates previously selected and all this in a professional and prestigious environment.


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